Cinema Pameer

A film about a cinema in Afghanistan where people come to escape everyday life and dream away from the war that surrounds them. “Cinema Pameer” uses a slice of everyday life in Kabul as a looking glass into Afghanistan today, directed by Martin Von Krogh.

The main focus is the cinema itself and the characters surrounding it and fighting for its existence, however the underlying reality surfaces time and again through everyday life. The war, a society in ruins and the pursuit and hope for something more. Something better.

Said Chaleh - Manager
Nazifa Hashemi - Afgan Film
Cinema Pameer

A documentary that not only tells the story of the cinema itself – and the many inspiring characters surrounding it – but also take on the important task of showing an international audience how everyday life in a country torn apart can look, feel and eventually evolve. Using film and cinema, recognizable and relatable to people around the world regardless of geography, religion, culture or life circumstance.  Also, highlighting film as an accessible inspiration and catalyst for change even in the struggling and poor society of Afghanistan today.