“Då Som Nu För Alltid”

About the project

One of Scandinavia’s most renowned rock bands decided to end their successful 25 year career with a last final tour. The declaration was surrounded by secrecy and was only communicated by the premiere of this promo, instantly garnering 1,5 million views and starting an unprecedented outcry from fans around the world. INDIO was then also given the honor of producing all the visuals and backdrops for the tour, praised by media and fans as a groundbreaking concert experience.


  • Director
    Adam Berg
  • Executive Producer
    Mattias Montero
    Johan Lindström
  • Producer
    Simon Hernadi
  • Production Managers
    Kim Jansson
    Marcus Nybladh
  • Production Company
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  • Roygalan - People's Choice Awards
  • Roygalan - Best Cinematography - Mattias Montero

Behind the scenes