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Raised in Fisksätra, a suburb just outside of Stockholm, by his single mother, a Finnish immigrant, Jocke experienced the injustices of racism and poverty at a young age. However, he loved his community and its culture, especially that influenced by the streets; graffiti, music and film were an important part of his youth.

Following the long and winding road that led him out of the suburbs, he was admitted to the university where he realized that his heritage was his driving force. In reaction to this, he decided to spend his life working towards creating a better world. Thus Jocke has become an authority on the history of and the current socio-economic state of Sweden’s vulnerable areas. For 20 years, he has worked with NGO’s and the city of Stockholm to address these matters and to improve matters for those who are less fortunate. Jocke is a change-maker who loves projects and their processes. He is in charge of Indios art-house cinema, Bio Rio.