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Having spent his youth as one of Sweden’s most promising boxers at the age of eighteen he shifted his focus to filmmaking and became a cinematographer. His rise was meteoric and from small, but beautifully crafted Swedish music videos, he quickly established himself as one of the top cinematographers in the world.

Shooting ads, music videos and features at a furious pace. He traveled the world, making friends at every stop, while living in London, Paris and LA, before he returned to Stockholm. His burning love for storytelling, in all of it’s mediums, prompted him start Indio as a creative incubator and a platform for his ideas, quickly establishing a bond between creatives in different disciplines. His Indio is now a home for creatives and creativity of all sorts, actors, directors, producers and chefs. Everyone is kept well fed and well hidden behind the Peruvian Nikkei-restaurant Indio Kitchen that Mattias also started with his nephew, the chef, Gian Luca Montero.

Mattias is the founder and head of Indio.

Selected Work

  • Black Crab | Feature film | In development
  • The Mercenary | Feature film | In development
  • Tales From the Loop | TV series | In development
    Executive Producer
  • Zephyr | Feature film | In development
  • Sons of My Country | Short film | Post production
  • Cinema Pameer | Documentary | Post production
  • KENT | The last Tour
  • Say Lou Lou | Nothing But A Heartbeat
    Producer / Grammy Award Winner